Tagesspiegel Berlin Newspaper
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"Udi Aloni's Mechilot is a remarkable film about revenge, hatred and guilt..... He wrote neither a normal thriller about loss of memory, nor is he interested in showing the every day life of the army like his colleague Eytan Fox did couple of years ago (Yosi & Jagger). Mechilot is a dynamic film with a fast action broken by a dramatic narrative... The story of the protagonist, the presence of young generation of Jews and Palestinians - all is amalgamated, supported by great camerawork with dreamy and poetic pictures. ....Mechilot sticks out at the Berlinale. It shows an amazing selfcriticism and dreams a naive dream in a complex conflict of the world: the one of forgiveness and fraternisation."
Berliner Zeitung
"In Udi Aloni's "Forgiveness" the complexity of the Israeli situation culminates ultimately in madness. Represented at last year's Berlinale with the difficult meditation "Local Angel," this feature film made by the Jewish exile living in New York is once more a blend of history, politics and theology. The director locates his image of Israel in a psychiatric institution which the newly founded state built on the mass grave of an annihilated Palestinian village. The first inmates were Holocaust survivors. [...] Aloni's visual power is vented in tragic allegories: the only form of peaceful communication is between the Jewish survivors who are no longer living and the Palestinian dead who are unable to find rest. "Forgiveness" is the courageous, presumptuous film of an intellectual who refuses to think simplistically, insisting on seeing the larger picture. Aloni rejects any attempt to create false hope and compels the viewer to engage in a dialogue with trauma, seeing the collapse of the unconscious as the only opportunity to experience the feeling which gives the film its title."