Quotes about Forgiveness
[Forgiveness] provides us with a measure of the distance between our capacity for understanding and the terrors we choose instead -- trembling the underground, indeed […] boundless admiration.”
---Tony Kushner (writer, Angels In America & Munich)

“…the film is one of the most challenging, as well as memorable, to hit Israeli screens in many years.” -London’s Independent

"Enormously powerful and important […] wrenching and beautiful and devastating.”
-Judith Butler

"FORGIVENESS is maybe the most beautiful, powerful and important film ever made about the tragedies of the region."
-Slavoj Zizek

"…Forgiveness by Udi Aloni is an Israeli film the likes of which has never been seen. The complexity of the visual images and daring of its political message, imprinted in the film's 97 minutes, turn it into a challenging cultural event…" -Meir Schnitzer, Maariv, Israel

"...as I watched the film I fluctuated between so many reactions – some contradictory—that I could not remain indifferent. Forgiveness attacks the conscious and casts itself upon it."
-Uri Klein, Haaretz, Israel

"My god, how could an Israeli-American director capture the moment of sadness in a Palestinian woman’s eyes in such an accurate way? This is the longing for truth that is imprisoned within cabinets of politicians, who give us the illusion about how difficult it is to act in the face of the other. The director made me feel dry in my throat and made me hold my chest to make sure that my heart was still in place. And I wish for more powerful films, like this one, that show me that there are still honorable men, and that you can see the other’s face as human, with no differences of race or color. All of this in the face of the big surprise that captured the audience."
-Moheeb Al-Barghouti, Il Quds, Occupied Palestinian Territory