Review of Forgiveness
written by Mattew Canzonetti at Woodstock Film Festival

FORGIVENESS won the Audience Award at Woodstock (2006)

We meet David Adler as a catatonic patient in a Israeli mental institution. Consumed by guilt over the shooting of a young Palestinian girl when he was in the Israeli Army, he cannot escape this "black hole" in his mind until he's prescribed an experimental drug that allows him to forget what he did. The drug, however, won't allow him to confront his past. His only hope is through a fellow patient, a blind Holocaust survivor who communicates with the dead. The film follows David as he confronts his guilt after he returns to his normal life. The audience is then taken on a mind-bending ride as the narrative takes an unexpected twist and we learn what really happened.

This brilliant film by Udi Aloni is the story of one man's attempt to come to terms with guilt and grief. It also perfectly captures the contradictions inherent in the conflicts between warring peoples, between fathers and sons, and between the past and the present. Like many powerful films, this one demands a great deal of attention from its audience; but the viewer is richly rewarded as it becomes clear that every scene is crucial to the narrative. Your thoughts will likely return to this film again and again. A must see.